Jasmin Foster

Be Rooted

Founder & CEO

As a little girl growing up in Indianapolis, IN, Be Rooted’s CEO and Founder Jasmin Foster always loved stationery. With every new semester she would be excited to buy school supplies, and into adulthood, she’d buy a new planner to map out her work and life. Despite her enthusiasm, over the years Foster realized that she always felt disconnected from the category. Recognizing that there was a gap in the market for a brand that spoke to her, Foster launched Be Rooted.

“I never really felt like it [journals and stationery] was designed with women of color in mind. I wanted to change that. After many years waiting for a brand to come in and to help me feel seen, I launched Be Rooted because I wanted to change the face of the stationery and gifting industry. For far too long and in too many spaces, Black and Brown women have been left unseen and unspoken to. Be Rooted was created to flip that narrative and center Black and Brown women by making them feel loved, celebrated, and uplifted”. – Jasmin Foster, Founder & CEO of Be Rooted

Leaning into her passion of inclusivity and desire to live a purpose-filled life, Foster launched Be Rooted in 2020 with a mission to empower women of color and create a space for them to see themselves in the stationery they love. With a lineup of colorful journals, planners and writing instruments designed by Black and Brown artists, by 2021 Be Rooted became the first and only Black-owned stationery brand available at retail giant Target and Target.com. Weaving culture into every design and message, Be Rooted’s collection of stationery and gifting products encourage and motivate women of all backgrounds to express themselves and flourish as the best version of themselves. The inclusivity-focused brand promotes creativity, self-expression, and personal planning to foster the life you aspire. With creative designs at the heart, the journals and planners include inspirational quotes, impactful imagery, and created with high quality materials including gold spiral binding and FSC-certified paper.

As an innovative and passionate leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, Foster has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from Indiana University Bloomington. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Foster had a successful 13year career in retail buying and CPG brand building, including leading the multicultural beauty category at Target.

Aligned with Foster’s own passion to serve her community, Be Rooted regularly participates in philanthropic initiatives. To date, Be Rooted has donated over 400 free minutes of free therapy to Black women through its partnership with the Loveland Foundation. Foster is determined for Be Rooted to continue to partner with more organizations that support women of color and encourage positive wellness practices in the Black community. In 2022, Be Rooted and its CEO and Founder Jasmin Foster were recognized for its global impact as one of TIME Magazine’s TIME100 Most Influential Companies.

Since Be Rooted’s debut in 2020, the brand is now available on BeRootedco.com, in Target stores nationwide, Target.com and Amazon. Having started with 2 SKU’s, Be Rooted is slated to have over 75 SKU’s by the end of the year.