Crystal Goodson


Global Trade Services Steward

Highly innovative and result-driven, Crystal Goodson is a Global Trade Services Steward who possesses the fundamental expertise and passion necessary to exceed expectations across the organizational pipeline. As a dynamic consulting specialist within the pharmaceutical industry, Crystal holds an extensive 17+ year background involving the intricacies of full-scale lifecycle/trading operations, distribution processes, crisis mitigations, and leadership methodologies.

Prior to her current role as a logistical and consulting asset at Merck Corporation since 2009, she has held several roles such as a production supervisor, a Site Process Execution Steward, a Logistics Specialist, to now a Senior Specialist Business Consultant. Throughout her career, some of her more notable accomplishments include training over 500 end-users on technical system troubleshooting in support of bulk vaccine manufacturing, improving time efficiency by 55% using 5S principles, and saving $1.5M of management allocational redistributing materials at Merck sites.

Crystal holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern University and a Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Technology from North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. When she is not working or self-developing, Crystal enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.