Chris Choy Bush


Lead Program Manager

Chris Choy Bush is a Lead Program Manager for Capital Plumbing Operations for Target Corporation.

Chris will be celebrating her second 5th year at Target (total of 14 years) and has been in Construction, Store Operations and Property Management, and is a pillar member of the Asian Business Council and active member of the Disability & Mental Health Business Council.

Chris is a native Californian, first generation Chinese American, wife to a native New Englander, and mother of a third generation only child living in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  Chris is a retail veteran known for her success in construction and facilities project management.  Chris is passionate about advocacy and allyship in the disability and senior communities and has served on the Board of Directors for Hearts and Hammers – Twin Cities and active in Down syndrome and Special Olympics organizations in Minnesota.  Chris is a lover of good food, making memories with great people and 80s pop culture.