Bryan Sheppard

State Farm

Information Security Executive

Bryan Sheppard is a graduate of Clemson University and has over 30 years in consulting, Information Technology, and Information Security, the last 24 of which have been with State Farm. During the early part of his career, Bryan worked in application and web development. The last 18 years have provided Bryan the opportunity to work in Leadership heading teams in Research and Development, Windows Operating Systems, Storage and Information Security. These experiences provided him a broad perspective of State Farm’s infrastructure and technical capabilities. Since 2009, Bryan has been in Information Security and is now an Information Security Executive with responsibilities for Identity and Access Management, many of State Farm’s technical security controls and architecture.   

He has multiple Information Security certifications, including Certificate of Information Security Management, Certification of Information Risk Management, and Carnegie Mellon’s Insider Threat Program Manager. He is currently working on an Amazon Web Services certification.