Ana Guevara

WEConnect International

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer

Ana Guevara is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for WEConnect International. She oversees the Global Markets Team, Marketing and Certification. Her unique career spans business, government and economic development. She is a Former board member of the World Bank, and Senior Advisor for Trade and Entrepreneurship at USAID. She has held various posts including head of the U.S. Export Assistant Centers of the International Trade Administration, head of the U.S. National Tourism Office and Ex-Officio Board Member of the Export-Import Bank. In the private sector, she started her own international trade consulting firm, and was previously a V.P. for UPS and Walmart. Ana is recognized as an innovative, bridge-building executive with proven experience in high-profile global business initiatives and government programs. She has proven expertise in international trade, business expansion and market development. Ana is a graduate of the Elliott School, at The George Washington University.