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WBENC FutureGEN aims to develop future generations of entrepreneurs, innovators, and workforce leaders by empowering students to dream big and achieve more through early exposure to entrepreneurship, STEAM, and cross-industry career opportunities through interactive learning and real-life experiences. WBENC FutureGEN engages WBENC’s robust network of entrepreneurs, corporate partners, and subject matter experts to foster critical and creative thinking skills through enriched learning.

In recognition of 2023 National Career Development Day, WBENC engaged its network of industry experts to facilitate in-person educational curriculum, conversational dialogue, and hands-on activities during the inaugural WBENC FutureGEN program. Students participated in four industry rotations in which they discussed career opportunities within Entrepreneurial Leadership, Financial Basics, Automotive, and Healthcare.

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National Student Future Ready Day

In 2019, WBENC FutureGen partnered with Planet Mogul to host the inaugural National Student Future Ready Day on September 9, 2019 in Durham, North Carolina.

National Student Future Ready Day is an event designed to educate and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders through stimulating and interactive educational programming, weaving business, entrepreneurship, and industry-specific education into innovative activities that challenge and expand student thinking.

The inaugural National Student Future Ready Day took place at Club Boulevard Magnet Elementary School in Durham, North Carolina, where more than 150 fourth- and fifth-grade students were immersed in a day-long interactive entrepreneurship development program, with a special focus on team building and collaboration.

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