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Developed by and for women of color, the in-person Summit provides space and opportunity to address the unique challenges, concerns, and issues faced by one of the business world’s fastest growing, yet least supported, demographic groups. This year’s conference will focus on topics that will help entrepreneurs take their business from one plateau to the next. It’s time to Level Up!

Get ready for an electrifying event that celebrates the power, resilience, and entrepreneurship of women of color! The Center for Women and Enterprise is thrilled to present the 4th Annual Women of Color Business Summit, an extraordinary gathering designed to empower and uplift women from diverse backgrounds in the world of business.

Embrace Empowerment and Success

At the heart of this summit is the recognition that when women of color thrive in business, they transform lives, families, and entire communities. This event is a platform to address the unique challenges faced by this vibrant and dynamic group. From startup hurdles to leadership triumphs, we’re here to break down barriers and set the stage for success.

Build Networks & Gain Practical Tools for Success

This day will provide you with an opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders, and like-minded trailblazers who are reshaping industries and rewriting the rules. You will leave the summit armed with practical tools, actionable insights, and game-changing strategies that will propel your business to new heights. We’ve curated a lineup of engaging workshops, and interactive sessions workshops that will expand your network and empower you to lead confidently and achieve your goals.

The 4th Annual Women of Color Business Summit is your chance to rewrite your narrative, redefine your path, and reignite your passion for entrepreneurship. We can’t wait to welcome you to this dynamic celebration of diversity, leadership, and limitless potential.

Secure your spot today and let’s embark on this journey of growth and empowerment together!