Sarah Rimmel

Diverse & Engaged

ICF Certified Coach & D&I Trainer

Sarah Rimmel is an ICF Certified coach and D&I trainer at Diverse & Engaged, an award-winning leadership development and diversity consulting practice that offers workforce solutions to develop, engage, and support diverse cultures. Diverse & Engaged is a sought-after boutique consulting firm for organizations committed to an inclusive culture. While the team at Diverse & Engaged are ICF Certified coaches and experts across inclusive leadership and diversity training, Sarah is a genius social chain strategist and heart-centered visionary with a track record for driving diversity inclusion and equity-based initiatives. Her work ranges from coaching and consulting on team culture, diversity and inclusion strategy, socially responsible action, benchmarking, enhancing inclusive and equity mindsets among staff, building accountability and alignment within teams, well-being, and communication. She utilizes best practices, tools, and frameworks grounded in somatic theory, intercultural competency, equity, diversity and inclusion, human resources, organizational development, education, and counseling. Sarah supports teams in developing their intercultural competency (including their ability and skills to listen to others, be responsive to the needs of diverse team members, and act in more culturally competent ways); this is approached through conversations, coaching, and using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) as an individual and group baseline metric.