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The WBENCPitch Academy is the education component of the signature WBENCPitch program. The Academy offers an interactive environment for WBENC-Certified WBEs to hone their business pitch and prepare to maximize pitching opportunities. WBEs will gain actionable resources for successful pitching across all mediums, access expertise and insights from coaches, and receive feedback from fellow business owners.

Virtual Sessions in 2024

Amplify Your Voice

May 3: 12 – 2 PM ET


Amplify Your Delivery

July 29 – 12 – 2 PM ET


Registration links for both 2024 WBENCPitch Academy sessions will be added – please check back!


Upcoming Academy Sessions
Benefits of Participating in WBENCPitch
"The WBENCPitch competition was one of the main things that changed the trajectory of our business Nerdbugs. I initially entered the contest to improve my public speaking skills and work on my pitch to get feedback. Much to my delight I made it to the national WBENCPitch contest in 2022 in Washington, DC. It was an incredible event to be able to get our brand on the eyes of key decision-makers at major retailers and corporations. WBENC also creates an atmosphere for collaboration and camaraderie and all of the national finalists were helping each other out during the competition. Participating in the WBENC pitch not only left me with connections and confidence but also meaningful lifelong friendships."
Ronak Mehta, MD
Founder & CEO, Nerdbugs
My experience in competition in the WBENCPitch tournament was amazing. The ability to connect with fellow WBEs as we cheered each other on in our pivot journey created a moment that I will always remember. Because I took the bold step, I was able to experience an awesome opportunity.
Domonique Townsend
Founder, We Optimize Work
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