Elevate your pitch from good to unforgettable with the “WBENCPitch Academy: Amplify Your Delivery” session. This session focuses on the art of presentation, helping individuals infuse their pitches with captivating elements. Explore techniques to enhance body language, tone, and pacing. Receive personalized feedback to refine your delivery style, ensuring your pitch not only resonates but leaves a lasting imprint on your audience. Join the WBENCPitch Academy: Amplify Your Voice” session to sharpen your presentation skills and create a memorable experience for everyone in the room.

About WBENCPitch Academy:
The WBENCPitch Academy is the education and pitch training activation under the WBENCPitch program umbrella. The primary purpose of the academy is to prepare WBEs to apply and participate in WBENCPitch competitions. WBEs who participate in the WBENCPitch Academy can expect to hone their business pitch and prepare to maximize pitching opportunities. WBEs will gain actionable resources for successful pitching across all mediums, access expertise and insights from coaches, and receive feedback from fellow business owners.

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