National Corporate Membership Benefits & Dues Structure

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Corporate Membership Benefits

As a Corporate, Government or Non-profit National Member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) you will receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited, national access with sourcing capabilities to 15,000+ certified WBEs through WBENCLink2.0, our newly-launched, full-digitized, password-protected, searchable database created with our Corporate & Government Members needs in mind;

  • Access to WBENC’s nationally-recognized, stringent certification program for your non-certified women-owned suppliers to assist you in identifying legitimate WBEs within your supply chain for accurate reportingᵀ;

  • Assistance with the development or expansion of your Supplier Diversity program by:

    • Utilizing WBENC’s Ambassador Program, to help educate you on the role WBENC can play in helping to achieve your supplier diversity goals, share best practices, and connect to other Corporate Members who have world-class supplier diversity programs;

    • Participating in our quarterly Supplier Diversity Professional Series, new in 2016, this educational and idea-sharing series addresses the critical issues that these professionals face on a daily basis in a solutions-based format. The content for this series is driven by the needs of our National Corporate Members;

    • Participating in our Industry-Specific Programming and Advisory Councils, launched in 2015, this programming serves to educate WBEs on the distinct differences of the industries they are seeking to do business with for overall best alignment, and to provide insight on best practices to our Corporate Members within those industries.

  • National recognition as a supporter of WBEs:

    • WBENC's ACTIntentionally initiative promote the support of corporates that support women-owned businesses through our network. We actively challenge our network to ACTIntentionally while making their own purchasing decisions - every decision, every day.

    • Corporate Members are listed on the WBENC website and in most marketing materials, brochures and press releases. Additionally, Corporate Members have the opportunity for cross-promotion and recognition through the various WBENC communication channels regarding pertinent business information.

    • Use of the WBENC logo on your marketing materials and website showing your support of WBEs;

    • Corporate Members have the opportunity to be recognized as subject matter experts, and with national awards such as our prestigious America’s Top Corporation for Women Business Enterprises.

  • Participation as an attendee, exhibitor and/or sponsor at WBENC National Events, as well as our national procurement opportunity programs, including our 1:1 MatchMaker* program where corporate members choose eligible WBENC-certified WBEs for pre-scheduled, 20-minute meetings based on their current or possible future needs.



ᵀ WBENC is the only national organization providing a strict certification process that includes a detailed notarized affidavit, client interviews and site visits.

* Participation as a sponsor or exhibitor, as well as Top Corporations applicant, industry advisory group and 1:1 MatchMaker participants, are limited to WBENC National Members.

National Corporate Member Dues Structure:

RevenuesWBENC Dues
$35 – 69.9$26,000
$25 - 34.9B$21,000
$13 - 24.9B$16,000
$6 – 12.9B$10,500
$1B – 5.9B$8,500

*Government agencies and nonprofit entities pay a flat rate of $2,500 annually.