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Female Entrepreneurs rarely discuss stress as a side effect of owning or starting a successful business. As women, we tend to practice the mantra of “I got this” and show vulnerability as a sign of weakness. But with 45% of Female Entrepreneurs saying they are stressed in a survey conducted late last year, WBEC-West has decided that it is time for us to make this far too common emotion less taboo. We need to have honest conversations about stress and how it impacts us as women and as women business owners to pave the way for better and healthier business habits, translating into better and stronger businesses. Join us on a journey to owning your strength, a four-part workshop series that will help you identify your stress point and identify tools to help you make it through even the most stressful time.

A special round table discussion with our series sponsors on March 9, 2021, to kick off International Women`s Day!

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