Janine Phillips

Ultum Group

SBA Account Executive

Janine Phillips is a passionate and personable SBA lender who has a genuine passion for supporting the success of others and is deeply nurtured through her daily interactions with customers through the SBA lending process. Janine is driven to help people reach their dreams as they share ideas, talents, services, and passion with others through small business ownership. Janine’s customer service style is hands-on and personalized. She thrives in opportunities where she can get to know about her customers, their goals, and their passions, along with the industry impact they will make through their lending process. Being a part of making someone else’s goal a reality is an inspiring aspect of her career. Janine is well known for her excellent customer service skills and personable nature, which combine with her passionate accountability and drive for collaboration. With years of retail experience, Janine has built a strong foundation of customer service skills that have transferred beautifully into her 6 year lending career as an SBA Account Executive.