Anita Davis

Praxis Strategic Solutions

President & CEO

Anita Davis is the President of Business2banker Connection Inc d/b/a Praxis Strategic Solutions, a risk mitigation and financial literacy education consulting firm. After a 20-year career in banking and driven by her passion to help businesses truly thrive, Anita founded Praxis in 2016.

A seasoned professional with extensive experience in both commercial lending and business banking, Anita is proficient in business financial risk identification and assessing a management team’s strengths and weaknesses. She has a deep understanding of how these conclusions are used by credit teams to make critical lending analysis and funding decisions.

Procurement teams can utilize the Praxis proprietary SWOT services to mitigate supply chain vendor financial risks. Praxis will conduct a deep dive review to pre-screen new supplier candidates or analyze current vendors financial health.

Anita holds a Certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Indiana University. As an expert in her field, she is a frequent speaker on financial literacy and other business-related topics. She is based at the Praxis headquarters in Atlanta, GA.