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Limitless: Phenomenal Women honors the achievements of distinguished WBEs and WBEC Pacific Corporate Partners. We will honor ‘Business Excellence’ and feature WBEs and Corporate Advocates who, throughout 2021, continued to grow and adeptly address change, finding ways beyond the pivot to participate in the brave new world of business to meet market and internal shifts.

Songs and stories of women’s empowerment will serve as the heartbeat for the evening. Phenomenal WBEs and Corporate members are the stars of WBEC Pacific.

Limitless: Phenomenal Women will inspire joy and ignite possibility. The program communicates the resources of the WBEC Pacific network and celebrates the accomplishments of the award winners.

Limitless: Phenomenal Women shines the spotlight on the lives of the robust, resilient, and boundless community of WBEs that are WBEC Pacific.