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WBENC Recertification Process
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Keeping the WBENC certification current is the responsibility of the Company's Owner. While WBENC will attempt to notify women's business enterprises (WBEs) via auto email notification, WBENC cannot guarantee receipt of the email. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner mark her personal calendar to begin the recertification process no less than 90 days prior to the expiration date.

The owner and company contact will receive an auto e-mail from that contains the instructions for Recertification 120 days prior to the certificate expiration date. To ensure receipt of all auto e-mails, please add to your companyy's safe sender list:

Recertification takes up to 90 days to process from the date the file is deemed complete; therefore, it is recommended that WBEs begin the process at least 90 days prior to their expiration date. Failure to recertify in a timely manner could result in your certificate expiring before it can be processed for recertification.  If this happens, it will remain expired until the recertification process is complete, which could result in the loss of business opportunities.

Steps for Recertification
  1. Log into with the username and password created upon application and complete the Recertification Form.
    • If the password is not known, please attempt to reset it using the female owner's complete email address as the username and then click the "Click Here" link in the log in box. Note: If the system does not display a message stating a new password has been sent, the wrong username was used. Please contact your Regional Partner Organization (RPO) for the company's correct username and then repeat the process.
    • If the system tells you the file is currently in a Delete status, please contact your RPO as only they can determine if recertification is possible at this time.

  2.  If it is time to recertify and the application has not already been submitted, there will be nine (9) tabs available when logged into the company's profile.
    • All required questions must be answered per tab before being allowed to save the page and move forward. Even if there have been no changes to the company, the recertification process must be completed and submitted online.
    • For questions you are not able to update, please contact your assigned RPO as there are changes only staff is authorized to update, such as Headquarters Address and NAICS Codes.
    • The last tab is the Product/Management Change Tab. Please DO NOT COMPLETE this tab until the owner has approved the content of the printed WBE Application Summary View, which is located below the tabs at the top left.

  3.  Edits can ONLY be made to an un-submitted application. If required after the fact, please handwrite the change(s) requested (preferably in red ink) on the printed Summary View and add a note to the stack of documents that will be mailed.

  4. Apply for WOSB Certification, if eligible. Once the WBENC WBE Application has been submitted, the system will prompt you regarding the Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification for the purpose of Federal Contracting. This is a separate application from the WBENC WBE certification and is OPTIONAL.
  5. Gather the required recertification documents. To ensure the file is complete, please account for EVERY document listed. For those documents that do not apply, provide a written statement as to why the document(s) was omitted. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your recertification, which could result in the certificate expiring before the process can be completed.
  6. The female owner must sign the Sworn Affidavit and the User 3.7 Agreement. Only the Sworn Affidavit needs to be notarized by an authorized notary of the U.S. or one of its territories.
  7. Recertification fee must be made payable to your assigned RPO. Please do NOT make the check payable to WBENC.

  8. Mail your paperwork. All documents should be mailed via Certified Mail, UPS or FedEx to the assigned RPO whose address is listed at the top of your printed WBENC Application Summary View or in the submission confirmation email. NOTE: No documents should be mailed to WBENC or via regular mail due to the confidential nature of the documents.

Note: When the Recertification packet has been received, the Company Owner and Contact listed in the company's profile will receive an automated email notification. Notifications will continue to be sent as the application is processed. These are courtesy emails as WBENC does not guarantee delivery of the automated email notifications. If you do not receive an email within 15 business days after you were notified the packet was delivered to the RPO destination, please follow up with your RPO to determine the current status.
The WBENC Support Desk is not able to provide the status of recertification, so please send all requests for information directly to your assigned RPO.

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