Tuck-WBENC Strategic Growth Program

The Tuck-WBENC Strategic Growth Program (SGP) is for Women's Business Enterprises (WBEs) who are dedicated to the advancement and success of their business. This 6-day intensive course is designed for WBEs and their executive teams who are ready to plan and execute a business strategy that will elevate their company to the next level. Building upon the fundamentals taught in the Tuck-WBENC Executive Program (EP), the SGP curriculum will focus on growth strategies, including organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances. The curriculum will guide WBEs and their teams through these topics: 

  • Financial Statements and Decision Making
  • Strategy for Growth/Strategy Implementation
  • Growth through Innovation
  • Financial Strategy Implementation
  • Marketing for Growth
  • Strategic Acquisitions
  • Customers and Suppliers
  • Leadership

View a sample schedule of the six-day Tuck-WBENC Strategic Growth Program experience.

Program attendees will leave the program with actionable insights that will lead their company to experience growth and increased value.

Who Should Attend

Women's Business Enterprises (WBEs) who have completed the Executive Program, have a minimum of 5 years of executive management experience, and are poised for growth.

WBEs may be accompanied by an executive officer from their firm who meets the eligibility requirements and is dedicated to the growth and success of the WBE.


The SGP has been designed for WBEs who have completed the Executive Program and have had at least one full calendar year between programs to implement the lessons taught in the Executive Program. Additionally, applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the program:

  1. Successfully completed the Tuck-WBENC Executive Program
  2. Current WBENC-Certified WBE in good standing
  3. Must be the majority owner of the company
  4. Have a minimum of five years of experience operating a business
  5. Maintain a minimum annual sales volume of $1,000,000

Additionally, the WBE may be accompanied by an executive officer from their company to participate in the program. Each executive officer must meet the following criteria and complete an application to be eligible for the program:

  1. Currently an executive officer and in the position for at least one year
  2. Have at least 5 years of senior management experience
  3. Maintain some business decision making capability within the company
  4. Must directly report to the WBE applicant

While this program does not require WBEs to a bring member of their executive team, it is required that the WBE be present for the entirety of the program and may not send an executive in lieu of their participation.

Dates and Timeline

The Strategic Growth Program (SGP) is on hiatus for 2018 and will return in 2019. Complete the contact form to be notified of updates. 

Program Fees

Due to the support of IBM, the cost to an individual WBE is $4,900 which includes tuition, course materials, accommodations, and most meals. Corporations interested in sponsoring a WBE to attend the program may refer to the 2018 WBENC Sponsorship Opportunities catalog or contact the program manager, Vaughn Farris at vfarris@wbenc.org

Applicant Questions

For questions regarding the Tuck-WBENC Programs, email tuck@wbenc.org.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Contact Vaughn Farris at 202-315-1520 or vfarris@wbenc.org for information about Tuck-WBENC sponsorship opportunities.