Governance Structure

WBENC is a diverse coalition governed by the primary constituent groups of the organization:

  • Corporate or Government Members hold two-thirds of the seats on the Board of Directors and provide insight into the needs of America’s top corporations and government entities.
  • The Leadership Council and Women's Enterprise Forum hold one-third of the seats on the Board of Directors, representing the interests of the Regional Partner Organizations, which implement WBENC certification to women-owned businesses, and WBENC-Certified WBEs.
  • The WBENC staff who satisfy and execute the strategic plans with input from Corporate Members, Regional Partner Organizations, and Certified WBEs.
  • Additionally five expert seats are allotted to the board to meet organizational needs and two ex-officio roles include the WBENC President & CEO and legal counsel.


WBENC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks and accepts donations from corporations, foundations and individuals to support its mission and programs. WBENC's primary operating funds are obtained through the receipt of Corporate Membership fees and net revenue from annual events, programs and services. WBENC seeks additional funding to advance women owned businesses by applying for grants with a targeted focus on WBEs, girls, STEM, breaking down barriers for WBEs, and skills advancement at all levels of the business life cycle.

WBENC provides allocation payments to its Regional Partner Organizations for services rendered in administering certification and re-certification to women-owned businesses. RPOs receive a designated percentage of Corporate Membership dues and net revenues from WBENC's annual events, programs, and services. NOTE: WBENC does not receive any portion of the certification or re-certification fees paid to its RPOs.

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