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WBENC Board of Directors Extranet

Welcome to the "Board Members Only" section of  This site has been created for members of our Board of Directors, and access is restricted and controlled by a permitted access list and password.  If you should have questions or concerns about access to this site, please contact the WBENC staff liaison to the Board of Directors for assistance.

Please help keep this site private, as confidential information will be posted for the use of Board Members.  The materials for each Board of Directors meeting will be available in PDF format    7-10 days prior to each scheduled Board meeting.  You will receive an e-mail directing you to the site when information has been posted.

Please note:  WBENC will NOT print copies of the Board Book and encourages you to print a copy for your personal use at the Board meeting.

Thank you for your dedication to WBENC and your commitment to the Board of Directors.


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All documents are provided in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

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