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You are invited to attend, “ The Great Resignation Era: Effectively Managing Your Business While Leading Employees,” a WBENC Women of Color session. All WOC WBEs and non-certified WOC Entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend this outreach and development program.

More and more frequently, you may be finding yourself posting “Help Wanted” signs for your business. You might also find yourself participating in the phenomenon! This national trend in labor shortages, commonly referred to as The Great Resignation, is affecting more industries daily. In fact, it’s not really a labor shortage in the traditional sense, but a unique reconceptualization of work by the average person across all sectors.

The good news is this session, held on International Women’s Day, March 8, from 3-5 pm ET, is here to help do something about it.

During this jammed-packed and interactive session each attendee will:

• Discover myths about what employees want

• Learn about what employees truly value

• Walk away with implementable strategies

• Participate in a great discussion for some “aha” moments. to consciously combat participating in, and in some cases reframing, what is being called The Great Resignation Era!


Sherry L. Darden

A Kansas City native, Sherry is a pioneering force in the ever-evolving human resource management revolution. With over 25 years of accounting, and human resources experience as a coach and trainer, she brings ‘Common Sense thinking,’ strategies, and implementation from the most to recently appointed and seasoned CEOs to align their people, processes, and procedures to impact their bottom-line profit. Sherry Darden is a seasoned trainer, coach, and consultant with a 25-year track record.

With over 150 international, national, regional, and local speaking and training engagements each year, her workshops are guaranteed to make you laugh, make you cry, and in the end, provide audiences with information, motivation, and the courage to think differently and create real change in their personal and professional lives!

A total foodie, Sherry currently lives in Dallas, with her eyes set on the California coast!