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Our Financial Literacy Series is a free, six-week workshop series that helps entrepreneurs and prospective business owners understand the fundamentals of personal finance in order to prepare them for access to capital and legacy-building. Register here for the entire series!

The Financial Literacy Series workshops:

  • March 15 – Week 1: Building a legacy begins with your Why? Topics include: What does wealth mean to you? What is financial literacy and why is it important?; Identifying your personal reasons for building wealth; Your personal Expense Management 101 (learning, spending, and saving); Assets & Liabilities
  • March 22 – Week 2: Fundamentals of Personal Credit. Topics include: How personal credit affects business credit; 5 C’s of Credit; 3 major credit bureaus & their criteria; The effects of debt and on personal credit; Types of derogatory marks; Credit Counseling resources
  • March 29 – Week 3: Five Types of Asset Classes (Focus on Business Equity Ownership). Topics include: Cash (already discussed in weeks 1&2), Liquidity and the power to buy anything; Equity* – Ownership into a business/or stock market, yielding variable income to investors (stocks); Fixed Income – investment security that pays investors fixed interest or dividend payments until their maturity date (bonds); Real Estate* – Ownership of physical space; Commodities – Ownership of raw materials used to manufacture finished goods
  • April 5 – Week 4: Real Estate Ownership. Topics include: Homeownership, Farmland, Commercial Property, Co-Ownership
  • April 12 – Week 5: Insurance Coverage (& when it can be used as a financial instrument). Topics Include: Home & Renter’s Insurance; Health & Disability Insurance; Long-term Care Insurance; Life Insurance; Umbrella Insurance
  • April 19 – Week 6: Retirement & Estate Planning. Topics Include: Types of Retirement Funds; Estate Planning 101

This is a free event.