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SALES. For most people, that single word brings on eye-rolls and shudders of distaste. And no wonder! Nearly everyone has been scarred by high-pressure sales tactics.

The problem is that when those scars show up in your sales conversations, instead of enrolling clients you’re probably hearing a lot of, “I’ll think about it” or you’re offering discounts just to make the sale.

How do you stand firm in your value while staying away from manipulative, intrusive sales tactics?

In this talk, Mary Cravets teaches how to break down resistance to sales and get better results by applying a proven method based on respect.

  • Get your hands on a complete sales conversation structure so you can confidently ask to be paid what you’re worth AND empower prospects to feel great about saying yes to your services.
  • Shift old assumptions about sales and learn why those assumptions are so limiting to both you and your prospects.
  • Complete an assessment that reveals exactly how to apply the #1 strategy to decrease stress and increase enrollment.