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Great Lakes WBC invites Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) and women-owned business owners who want to grow sustainable businesses amid challenging times to our new program, WE SUCCEED.
This transformational education program offers four valuable growth Modules led by subject matter experts and corporate leaders.
Following each module, participants will engage in continued learning at Peer Lab Group sessions.
Succeed with International Opportunities is module 2 of this 4 module series. Module 1 through 3 are virtual, and module 4 will be a hybrid course with an in-person option.
Who should participate in this module? Women Business Enterprises (WBE)s looking to scale their businesses through learning and developing procurement relationships with corporations, financial institutes, higher education institutes, and fellow women business owners.
Each module, when purchased separately, will be a $50 investment. When all four modules are purchased, the special investment cost is $150.
If you have any questions, send us a DM, post in the event, or email us at events@greatlakeswbc.org!