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WBEC-West WBE Expert Series: Winning Corporate Clients - What Are They Looking For? - Webinar

Webinar time:

  • 10:00 am Mountain Time / Arizona / Pacific
  • 11 Mountain Daylight Time / Denver
  • 12:00 pm Central Daylight Time 
  • 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

WBEC-West presents this free webinar for those who want to know how to “get in the door” with or pitch potential corporate clients. 

Participants will learn how to align their business purpose and vision with the purpose and vision of the potential corporate client. In the end, corporations want to know that a supplier understands the corporation’s business and challenges.  Based on her more than 25 years of working with Fortune 500 corporations, participants will discover:

  • The required mindset for working with clients and prospects
  • Three key qualities a supplier needs to create long-term relationships
  • How a supplier’s team can make (or break) opportunities

Each webinar in this series features an opportunity to submit questions prior to the webinar as well as a live Q&A portion. 

Webinars are open to all business owners, but will be directed at diverse suppliers with current WBENC and/or NMSDC certifications.