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Give Me 5: Special Unit – Construction - Fundamentals of the FAR, Part 3 - Webinar

The Construction Industry offers tremendous opportunities and challenges for any business owner; but when your customer is the federal government, there is an extra layer of requirements that can either make or break your business. 

 This Give Me 5 Special Unit on Construction helps participants organize the business, understand the rules/regulations, and assists them in becoming highly successful Construction vendors for the Federal Government.

 This particular webinar, The Fundamentals of the FAR, Part 3 covers debriefings and protests.  Discover why you may have not gotten that contract you were competing for and if there is a way to fight the agency’s decision and get the award after all.  This webinar also covers how to use debriefings to discover what you did wrong and what you did right, and walk you through the proper protest procedure when you know the contract was improperly awarded to someone else.


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About Give Me 5

The Give Me 5 Program, named after the 5% federal contracting goal for women-owned businesses, was created by Women Impacting Public