What's in Your Conference Bag?


Don’t forget to pick up your #WBENCconf bag at registration to get all your onsite essentials! Here’s a preview of what’s inside.

Thanks to the bag sponsor Nissan North America, Inc. for the beautiful bag to store all of our conference goodies! Bag pickup is located next to registration on the 100 Level of the Baltimore Convention Center and will open starting Monday, June 24 at 9 AM.

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What’s in the #WBENCconf Bag?

*New* 2019 WBENC Ecosystem workbook

We are thrilled to offer the first-ever WBENC Ecosystem Guide & Workbook, a comprehensive and interactive guide to the WBENC ecosystem.

You can use this guide while in Baltimore to help navigate the event and the WBENC ecosystem as a whole, but it’s also a great take-home resource to help ensure you’re making the most out of every opportunity in this vibrant and growing network.

Sponsored by Guy Brown and PS Energy, the WBENC Ecosystem Guide & Workbook will be available at registration. Make sure you pick one up (and keep it with you!) to uncover the many ways you can CONNECT, GROW and THRIVE while in Baltimore and beyond.

sustainable Reusable Water Bottle & Coffee mug

Each year at WBENC, we make strides towards hosting a more sustainable event by reducing our paper output and being more efficient in our energy consumption. WBENC and our Sustainability Sponsors care deeply about incorporating more and more sustainable practices.

Focusing on reducing the number of single-use water bottles, NEI Global Relocation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company have sponsored a reusable water bottle. Grab this bottle from your bag and look for their logos on hydration stations throughout the Baltimore Convention Center avoid single-use plastics and stay hydrated throughout the event.

To eliminate some of the waste of single-use coffee cups onsite, Bay Corrugated Container, Inc. and The Home Depot have sponsored a reusable travel coffee mug. Use this mug and find the coffee carts with their logos throughout the convention center to reduce your waste and stay caffeinated throughout the event.

metal drinking straws - wbenc commemorative gift

WBENC Commemorative Gift sponsors, Johnson & Johnson and Overture, LLC, have also provided an eco-friendly goody for conference attendees. Metal drinking straws are reusable and perfect for use with your water bottle and coffee mug, or any other cup for which you would normally use a disposable plastic straw. Replacements for plastic straws that pollute our oceans are all the rage for a reason - help the environment in style by using these WBENC metal straws with all of your beverages!

2o2o luggage tag

Next year, #WBENCconf will be held in Atlanta, Georgia June 23-25, 2020. Strap this beautiful luggage tag, sponsored by Accenture, to your suitcase or carry-on and remember to save the date!

kick off your heels shoe bag

Business owners and diversity professionals travel a lot for their business. At any conference or business fair, taking care of your feet is essential. Use the Kick Off Your Heels Shoe Bag, sponsored by Exhibits South Corporation and Office Depot, Inc., to pack comfortable shoes and keep them clean and safe during travel.

co-chair Sponsor Items

The National Conference & Business Fair Co-Chairs, Capital One, EY, Pfizer, Ampcus Inc., APCO Worldwide, and Omega World Travel are dedicated to the theme of this year’s conference – ECOSYSTEMS. They are excited to welcome you to the bustling harbor town of Baltimore for a week dedicated to building and nurturing the most healthy and vibrant business ecosystem possible, one dedicated to helping women-owned businesses CONNECT, GROW, and THRIVE.

Find the following items from our Co-Chairs:

  • Travel Kit Bags from Capital One

  • Hair Ties from EY

  • Advice Booklets from APCO Worldwide

  • Coasters from Ampcus, Inc.

Conference Bag Sponsored By:

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