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Each year, WBENC makes strides toward hosting events that more closely follow the precepts of sustainability by reducing our paper output and being more efficient in our energy consumption. Companies that share our mission of sustainability frequently invest in our network by becoming Sustainability Sponsors for our events, encouraging recycling and offering re-usable containers for water and coffee to reduce waste.

Today, Limb Design, a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and Sustainability Sponsor for the 2019 WBENC Summit & Salute, shares their insights on sustainability and the story behind the Limb office, a historic building in Houston Limb renovated and preserved.

Sustainable by Design: Limb Design

How important is it for businesses to be environmentally friendly?

The environment is everyone’s business and earth-conscious companies are proving that it’s possible to make a positive impact on the community while remaining profitable. Beyond suppressing global challenges, sustainability can help drive business strategy by revealing that companies can do well by doing good. Today, there is increased pressure for businesses to meet environmental responsibilities and many companies have turned to re-purposing historically significant structures for creative uses.

Historic building preservation is important to any city that values itself and the styles of the past. When businesses commit to adaptive reuse, they invest in the revitalization of a developed cities culture and complexity. Limb Design pursued historic renovation when searching for a new office location to demonstrate that preservation and progress can exist together. By embracing Houston’s tangible past, the team re-imagined sustainability to promote an economy of thoughtful creation and culture of reuse. The decision to utilize a historic building was born out of the desire to merge past and present traditions, while remaining focused on smart growth.

Limb understands the wealth of historical buildings which exist in Houston, as well as the benefits that building reuse offers over demolition and new construction. The team felt responsible to not only progress sustainability, but to reinvest at a community scale. After all, the greenest building is the one that already exists.

Regarding sustainability, Limb took immediate and decisive action on September 13, 2008 by purchasing a building on Houston Ave. originally built in 1893. The historic building was previously a grocery store called “Brand and Depenbrock” and has been home to many entities since, including the First Ward Drugstore.

After acquiring the building, it was important for the team to consider operational performance for the building to function at its potential. This required three years excavating and replacing systems to sustain use of the building, but in the end the team was able to incorporate modern technology into the beautiful 126-year old building. Since then, Limb has seen numerous benefits from the building conservation, from bringing joy to employees and increasing value to clients, to fostering diversity of human activity to the thriving community.

Company leaders were pleasantly surprised to discover that the area they decided to call home 11 years ago, would become the art district center in Houston.

“We believe our perspective on historic preservation is reflected in the way we serve our clients, by preserving their values and expanding on the beauty in their vision,” says Biddie Webb, Partner of Limb Design. “We are glad we took the chance to save the historic site to maintain a sense of permanency and Houston heritage.”

Historical preservation and sustainable design are two principles that provide a strong foundation for the work being done at Limb Design.


About Limb Design:

Limb Design is a marketing and branding firm specializing in helping organizations convey their message, their core competencies, and voice to their audiences. They provide the tools either through print or digital to help their clients with these goals.

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