Guest Post: Embracing a Neurodiverse Workforce and Veterans for the Future

Editor’s Note: This #WBEWisdom post is part of a series from members of the Host Committee for the 2019 WBENC National Conference & Business Fair, coming up June 25 - 27 in Baltimore, Maryland. Read more about the Host Committee.

By Hetal Parikh, President of Rangam Consultants Inc.

A vibrant economy is the foundation on which a country grows. With the advent of the global digital economy, organizations are now looking to diversify their workforce so as to accommodate more lateral thinkers, i.e. people who think “out of the box” and in doing so, bring agility and innovation to the table. A diverse workforce also brings a new worldview into focus: it goes beyond racial or gender diversity and embraces alternative sources of talent like individuals with autism and veterans.

Some traits that highly innovative teams are looking for are:

  1. Different perspectives

  2. Ingenuity

  3. Attention to detail

  4. Diverse skills

Different perspectives

Novel perspectives and disruptive ideas are the two engines that drive growth and bring change. Companies need teams that are not only diverse themselves but think differently about problems. Take, for example, the case of multiple teams trying to find a solution for potable water management in Africa. The most diverse teams came up with solutions that were effective and efficient.


With shrinking markets and tight competition amongst peers, all companies are looking for ingenious ways of doing business that will make them edge ahead of everyone. Ingenuity brings newer ideas and insights that make or break a project.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is the first step for a successful team. Having these qualities brings down errors, minimizes rework, and decreases downtime in a team or corporate environment.

Skill ranges

Highly successful teams and organizations are known for their ability to be logical, creative, regimented, focused, and imaginative. These are often intangible skills that cannot be measured using traditional methods of recruitment.

On closer inspection it is easy to deduce that these traits are common to the neurodiverse population and the veteran community. Attention to detail at all times is what sets the veteran community apart. Multiple studies have established how the brains of neurodiverse individuals are wired. The same applies to the different perspectives that veterans and neurodiverse individuals bring. A perspective gained from experience under hostile conditions or due to intense focus is very different and so are skill ranges and ingenuity.

All the new buzzwords like bleeding edge, corporate synergy, innovation, and ideation will amount to little until organizations really look at the untapped talent pool of neurodiverse and veteran workforce. It is important to unlock their potential in order to accelerate future innovations and growth. 


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