WBENC Staff Favorites, Mobile App Edition

It may be a cliché, but there truly is an app for everything these days. We have gathered a list of some of our favorites — for work and pleasure. These apps help us save time, connect with our networks, de-stress, and yes, have some fun.

Speaking of connecting with your network and having fun… Don’t forget to download the WBENC Mobile App before heading to Summit & Salute!

Download the app to:

  • Access event schedules, sessions details and speaker information

  • Create your own personalized event schedule

  • Connect and interact with other attendees

  • Get real-time updates and schedule reminders during the event

  • Go paperless! Take notes and give us your feedback on sessions and speakers

  • Streamline social media feeds

Do you use an app you think is great? Tell us in the comments!

WBENC Staff Favorites - Mobile Apps

For Productivity/Work:

Sprout Social App

Cost: Monthly plans for both businesses and agencies.

“As the social media manager of the WBENC and Women Owned platforms, I use Sprout Social every day both on my desktop and iPhone. I am able to keep track of any direct messages, comments, likes and engagement across all of our profiles and platforms in one place and respond and engage. I am also able to manage all our tasks, feeds, and even publish on any and all our platforms and profiles straight from the Sprout Social app. It’s an all-in-one social media management platform for both desktop and mobile.”

Nettie Teter, Senior Project Manager, Marketing & Communications


Cost: Free

“It is a Business Card Scanner. I meet so many new people and I love receiving their business cards but I do not want a huge paper pile, nor will I ever be able to find it when I need it; solution - APP Rolodex. Take a picture of the card, include notes so you remember your conversation with them or details about them, and then hand the card back to them or recycle!”

Jillian Schneeberger, Senior Director, Marketing, Programs & Business Development


Cost: Free

“I’ve been using Evernote for years and it’s amazing to have all of my notes in one place, accessible on any device, and available with a quick search.”

Jessica Carlson, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Basecamp App

Cost: Monthly plans for businesses

“Basecamp is our primary project management tool. It is a great way to keep the whole team on the same page without having to send emails and remember to CC everyone all the time.”

Laura Swenson, Senior Manager, Events


Cost: Microsoft Office account

“It’s great for making check lists, taking notes and converting work from OneNote to other Office programs.”

Vivien Malig-Mayhew, Certification Manager


Cost: Free

“Mint is great because personal finance is super fun for me 😊.”

Andrew Gaeckle, Director, Strategic Planning


Cost: Free

“It’s an app-based ticketing system for Maryland’s public transit systems. I take the commuter rail into DC for work and I can purchase and manage my train tickets on the app. It prevents me from having to carry and keep track of paper train tickets. My ticket is displayed on the app and I show my phone to the ticket-checker.”

Lauren Bauchat-Herman, CPA, Financial Reporting Manager

For Fun/Personal:


Cost: Free trial options; then membership models based on monthly or annual memberships

“Headspace is a meditation app I use every day. Taking at least 10 minutes a day to clear my head and set intentions has helped me be more focused, calm and less stressed. There is no need to be an expert at meditation; they offer guided, semi-guided and unguided options for any level.”

Nettie Teter, Senior Project Manager, Marketing & Communications


Cost: Amazon Prime Membership

“I installed this app on both mine and my husband’s phone. As we take pictures of the kids, AmazonPhoto backs them up and is accessible on all our devices. I can easily make an album to print, select favorites to send to relatives, and share our memories with our loved ones for years to come.”

Jillian Schneeberger, Senior Director, Marketing, Programs & Business Development

NYTimes Crossword

Cost: In-app purchases

“The NY Times describes solving crossword puzzles as “mental yoga” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a great way to de-stress and clear my head, and yes, it is just slightly addicting. This app has a new puzzle every day and mini challenges you can do in 60 seconds or less, so it’s perfect for my commute or for a quick mental break in the middle of the day.”

Jessica Carlson, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications


Cost: Free

“I am an avid list-maker and this app allows me to make lists and check off the items once complete. My favorite part about it is that I can share my lists. For example, I share my grocery list with my husband so that we can both add items to the list as we think of them.”

Lauren Bauchat-Herman, CPA, Financial Reporting Manager


Cost: Free

“For my metro rides I like to play games. A classic game of solitaire is always peaceful for me.”

Laura Swenson, Senior Manager, Events


Cost: Monthly Membership

“I can listen to my favorite music and podcasts.”

Vivien Malig-Mayhew, Certification Manager


Cost: Free

“Earn stars with each purchase!”

LaKesha White, Director, Certification

For Social Media:


“I am a very visual person and love Instagram for the beautiful photos and the simplicity of the app and posts. One of my favorite features is being able to follow a hashtag instead of a specific profile to see more than just my network’s posts about things I am interested in.”

Nettie Teter, Senior Project Manager, Marketing & Communications

“I love all of the visuals and the stories. The content isn’t diluted, so a quick scroll is pretty satisfying and it tells you when you’ve caught up all the way.”

Laura Swenson, Senior Manager, Events


“Pinterest is wonderful for creative ideas and inspiration, to put an image to my thoughts, and to waste time being lost in the dream I always fail to recreate.”

Jillian Schneeberger, Senior Director, Marketing, Programs & Business Development


Though I’m not a big poster, I love scrolling to see what’s going on with friends, colleagues, and influencers.”

Andrew Gaeckle, Director, Strategic Planning


“I use Twitter to obsess over the latest political news and hot takes.”

Jessica Carlson, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications


“Snapchat allows me to take pictures and have fun communications with my daughter and grand-babies.”

Ann M. Bowman, Executive Associate


“Facebook helps keep me connected to my family”

LaKesha White, Director, Certification

Honorable Mentions:

  • Slumber. Amazing sleep meditations, bedtime stories, and soundscapes with bin-aural beats.

  • Dark Sky app: A weather app that tells you not just that is likely to rain on Saturday, but that it will rain from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Target app. Free and allows you to scan items as you shop to check for available coupons and discounts. It compiles all of the related coupons and creates one barcode to present to the cashier upon checkout. 

  • Strava. Great for cycling-lovers.

  • News. Stay current on the world.

  • Calendar. Keep every day organized.

  • Activity app. Syncs with Apple Watch to track activity and exercise. An excellent motivator when you don’t feel like working out.

  • Others: Lyft/Uber, Venmo, Maps, Reminders, Nike Training/Run Club, Doordash, Ebates, and AllTrails

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