WBE Keys to Success: Persistence with Clarity

How many times have you heard or used the phrase “clear as mud”? Without clarity, even a simple task can become daunting. Regina Mellinger, CEO of Primary Services, attributes her company’s success to a persistence and clarity of values, direction, and solid measurements to evaluate progress.

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Why is clarity so important as a leader? For one, clarity helps your team make better decisions and avoid unnecessary confusion and chaos. As this Forbes article says, “a clear organization is a healthy organization… because clarity informs decisions and decisions enable execution. Clarity emboldens and empowers because when there’s clarity, organizational chaos is mitigated.”

With over $10M in business and as one of the 30 Most Influential Women in Houston in 2017, Regina has demonstrated how clarity has given her and her organization the persistence to not only succeed, but thrive. She was honored as a 2018 WBENC WBE Star for her exemplary leadership and strategic vision.

Leading with clarity also demonstrates your personal commitment to maintaining true to your values, and ensures your teams not only understand the “why” of your business – your passion, motivators and goals – but also the “how,” or how to translate those goals into measurable and tangible success factors. (Read more on finding your why and leading with your values here.)

As Regina says in the video “there’s a lot of front-end work” to leading with clarity. But that persistence can reap major rewards. Asana’s Wavelength publication put it nicely: “A team that truly understands and believes in a common goal … is a team that can persevere through the difficult challenges involved in any important undertaking.”

Are your goals clearly defined and understood by your organization? Remember, it is very difficult to believe in and work toward an ambiguous goal. Are you measuring progress along the way and using those measures as motivators? Regina says she likes to motivate with a “carrot” rather than a “stick,” as it is important to celebrate successes and keep the end goal in sight. What are your tips for creating clarity within your business? Do you have a favorite “carrot” that you use as a motivator? Leave your insights in the comments below!

About the Women’s Business Enterprise Stars

WBENC's Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Stars illustrate this country's vital ability to build successful businesses. The women's strategic vision, business acumen and sheer talent combine to meet their corporate clients' complex needs and propel our economy forward. Each year, our 14 Regional Partner Organizations put forth their most exemplary WBEs for this prestigious award. Regina Mellinger, CEO of Primary Services, proudly represents the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance.

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Posted on December 17, 2018 and filed under WBE Wisdom.