WBE Keys to Success: Staying Motivated with Creativity

Staying motivated during a difficult or long project or initiative can sometimes be a challenge, and while we each have our own unique formula for staying energized and focused, there is one tactic that can be especially effective -- practicing creativity.

Creativity – and practicing creativity in the workplace – is an excellent way to generate excitement and maintain a consistent flow of ideas and productivity. While creativity can be disruptive, as it encourages your teams to think outside the box, it ultimately can help your employees stay invested and passionate about their work.

Claudia Mizra, CEO & co-founder of Akorbi, thrives on creativity, as it drives her and her team to new levels of accomplishments – including filing two patents in 2017! Claudia’s enthusiasm for creativity came through loud and clear during the panel discussion in March with the 2018 Women’s Business Enterprise Stars.

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(Want to see more? Watch the full panel discussion here.)

Claudia’s love of creativity has resulted in multiple successes recognized by many prestigious awards, including the “Quality & Excellence Empire Builder” from the greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber. She was also named a 2018 WBE Star by her Regional Partner Organization, Women’s Business Council – Southwest.

Ready to amp up your creativity? Here are a few helpful resources.

  • The Huffington Post outlines 21 ways to stay and be creative, including everything from creating vision boards to clearing out clutter.

  • The Harvard Business Review says employees will be most creative when they “feel motivated primarily by the interest, satisfaction, and challenge of the work itself—and not by external pressures.”  Their advice for maximizing your team’s productivity is straightforward – “Creativity thrives when managers let people decide how to climb a mountain; they needn’t, however, let employees choose which one.”

  • Entrepreneur outlines several ways creativity helps increase productivity, including by removing fear of failure, tackling bigger problems, and promoting working without boundaries to generate your next “big idea.”

  • Finally, Forbes shares practical ways leaders can promote more creativity in their organization.

Whether you are working on enhancing your own creativity or that of your employees, it’s always good to focus on the endgame. For Claudia, it’s the results of creativity – powering the economy, putting people to work, and helping others – that keep her motivated as a leader.

About the Women’s Business Enterprise Stars

WBENC's Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) Stars illustrate this country's vital ability to build successful businesses. The women's strategic vision, business acumen and sheer talent combine to meet their corporate clients' complex needs and propel our economy forward. Each year, our 14 Regional Partner Organizations put forth their most exemplary WBEs for this prestigious award. Claudia Mizra, CEO & co-founder of Akorbi, proudly represents the Women’s Business Council - Southwest as their 2018 WBENC WBE Star.

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Posted on December 10, 2018 and filed under WBE Wisdom.