Monday Motivation – 10 Tools for Entrepreneurs to Increase Productivity

Entrepreneurs have a lot to juggle and accomplish day in and day out. Try some of these tools to save time and increase your productivity.

1.      Airtable

Airtable is an online tool that merges spreadsheets and databases. Think Google Sheets on steroids. Use this site for a vast variety of project tracking needs where collaborators can edit and comment in real time from different devices.

There are hundreds of templates and all are customizable to fit your projects’ needs. There is a free plan as well as different levels of paid versions that provide more services.

At WBENC we use this service to organize our Digital Marketing Plan, Event Logistic sheets for Summit & Salute and our National Conference & Business Fair, and more!


2.      Asana

Asana is a simple project management tool and task list tracker. With a clean user interface, tracking your team tasks is easy and even has fun incentives for checking off a task. Prioritize, organize, and assign tasks with a team and have conversations.

There is a free plan as well as different levels of paid versions that provide more services. I use this for my daily and weekly to do lists.




3.      Evernote




Evernote is a comprehensive way to keep all your notes and bookmarks organized and access them from any device. With app, web, and plugin versions, you can access your meeting notes, bookmarked articles, and annotations anywhere. The chrome plug-in allows you to save articles, highlight, add custom annotations and more to access later.

There is a free plan as well as different levels of paid versions that provide more services. I use this plugin to bookmark and take notes on articles that would be interesting to the WBENC network to share on our social media platforms.

4.      Google Drive, Google Alerts & Google Analytics

Google has hundreds of free products to help your productivity and they are a WBENC Corporate Member! Use Drive, Doc, Sheets, and Slides to collaborate on presentations with others. Use Photos to backup all your photos and access them on any device. Increase and analyze your brand and web reach with AdSense and Analytics. Create surveys with Google Surveys and Forms. Use alerts to find articles you are interested in or that your business is mentioned in. Discover even more products from Google to help your efficiency and productivity.

Here are a few products I use daily: Search, Maps, Chrome, Photos, Drive, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Analytics, Gmail, Alerts and Waze.


5.      IFTTT

IFTTT is a free service that allows users to build simple command chains with conditional statements that are named applets. IFTTT stand for “If This Then That” indicating how the applets work when synced with other apps. For example, tell IFTTT if you post an Instagram, save the photo to your Instagram Photos folder in Dropbox.

You can also tell IFTTT to save a new contact on your mobile device to your Google Contacts or email you when a certain hashtag is used on Twitter. There are thousands of other statements/applets to automate your life with IFTTT.



6.      Snipping Tool, Snip It, or LightShot

A snipping tool usually comes with most devices to take screenshots of a certain part of your screen and save them as images. On my windows computer, I use Snipping Tool to take screenshots; on my Mac, I use Snip It. If your device does not have a native snipping tool, download LightShot for the same service.



7.      Tabcloud





Tabcloud is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to save groups of internet tabs as a bookmark and open them later in a new window. This is a completely free plugin that I use every day to save time! When I want to check on all our social media platforms, I click Tabcloud to open my “Social Media Maintenance” windows. This opens our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram platforms directly to the notifications pages as well as Google Analytics tabs in a new Chrome window. Similarly, when I am ready to schedule a group of social media posts, I open my “Social Media Scheduling” Tabcloud. This opens a window with Hootsuite,, our Digital Marketing Calendar in Airtable, the WBENC Blog home page and Canva so that I have my scheduling tool, link shortening tool, image creation tool and the marketing calendar open together instantly.


8.      Toggl

Whether you need to fill out a timesheet or are interested in how much time you spend on certain projects, use Toggl to log your time easily and quickly. This tool is simple to use and has Chrome and Firefox plugins as well as desktop apps for Windows and Mac. There is a free plan as well as different levels of paid versions that provide more services. Use this tool to analyze how you spend your time and estimate project timelines.



9.      Unroll.Me

If you are like me, you somehow end up on seemingly endless subscription lists that bombard and fill your inbox. Use Unroll.Me to bulk unsubscribe to email lists that you do not find useful. Just sign in to this free tool and Unroll.Me will show you a list of all your subscription emails. Easily click to unsubscribe from all those you no longer find valuable. I log on about once a quarter to clean up my inbox and reduce the clutter I receive every week.



10.  Workfrom

Workfrom is a free website and app that shows you the best places around you to work remotely. At WBENC about half our staff is remote. When travelling or if I need a break from my home office, I use Workfrom to search for the best rated coffee shops, co-working spaces, cafes, and other spaces to work remotely.

See or leave reviews, tips and inspiration or read details like Wi-Fi speed and power outlet availability to assess the best place to get work done. Entrepreneurs are constantly on the move and this tool will allow you to easily and quickly find a place to be productive no matter what city you are in.



Posted on October 2, 2017 and filed under Monday Motivation.