Sustainability Tips for the National Conference & Business Fair

Sustainability is important in our businesses and in our homes. Read the tips below to successfully integrate sustainable practices into the management of your business as well as ensure you and your company are contributing to a healthier environment.


Successful Sustainability Management Tips from Pacific Gas & Electric:

  1. Assess your current environmental policy and practices.
  2. Seek environmental sustainability best practices in your industry.
  3. Develop, implement and communicate an environmental policy focused on your priorities.
  4. Based on your environmental policy, identify, set, and measure Green Goals. Focus on ambitious but achievable improvement targets.
  5. Share your progress with your employees, customers and industry.

Resources where you can learn more:

  1. Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
  2. Environmental Protection Agency
  3. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Certified B Corporation

Successful Environmental Sustainability Tips from INTREN:

  1. Reduce landfill waste - Replace plastic bottles with eco-friendly, BPA free reusable bottles.
  2. Installing solar panels will reduce your energy bill and tax bill with a credit for installing them. Replace your light bulbs with LED lighting for further savings.
  3. Prepare for water bill spikes in the summer by installing rain barrels to catch water for your garden or to wash your car.
  4. Lower your carbon emissions by purchasing renewable energy for your office.
  5. Reduce paper usage by converting documents to electronic forms and provide links to company information instead of printed manuals.
  6. Stop using plastic bags from stores – buy reusable and recycled shopping bags.  Leave them in your car so you have them when you stop to shop.
  7. Save fuel – eliminate idling by turning your car off.
  8. Help the earth - reduce methane gas in landfills - cut back on garbage by composting your food scraps, including coffee grounds, for a healthier garden.
  9. Check your insulation to prevent loss of heat and cool air in your home or office.
  10. Buy second-hand or used whenever possible to improve your eco-footprint.
Posted on June 16, 2017 .