Women Owned Wednesday - Firouzeh’s Foods


Company Name: Firouzeh’s Foods

Founded: 2012

WBENC Certified: 2016

HQ: Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

Website: https://www.multigenpurees.com

Slogan: 100% Real Food Made With Wisdom

Retail: Amazon

Location: Pure Health Food Stores Las Vegas

7575 W. Washington Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89128


About the Products


MultiGen Purees are made with naturally gluten free ingredients and are free of any salt, sweetener, dairy, soy, corn, nuts or oil without compromising flavor. They have no artificial additives, are low acidic alkaline forming and each recipe has Ph balance tested and are labeled as such. MultiGen Purees have been designed for anyone ranging from babies to seniors, but especially for those who have special dietary needs, have difficulty swallowing, chewing or digesting conventional meals or are on a soft food or liquid diet. They are made of a blend of vegetables, herbs, grains, legumes and spices fitting easily into the health conscious on-the-go diet, thanks to the travel-friendly packaging. MultiGen Purees are a delicious, nutritious and food allergy friendly lifestyle option.

Company Background

Firouzeh’s Foods, a producer and reseller of vegan, individually packaged, shelf-stable multi-generational functional specialty food line called MultiGen Purees. The business, a Nevada Limited Liability Company, was established in 2012 with my personal savings and income. I have launched my business in the course of raising my children, caring for both of my parents and the loss of a dear friend to cancer of the jaw and throat. It has taken me nearly 5 years, but I am happy to announce that the FDA has approved three of my recipes to be introduced to the market. Getting to this point has been a lengthy process in part because of my full-time employment and the difficulty of locating a capable co-packer willing to work with a small startup company, not to mention lack of resources available in the state of Nevada.


“My company has only been certified since December 2016, however in this short time thanks to being a certified WBE I have had the opportunity to take advantage of the many wonderful informational and educational classes, networking events and of course the WBENC National conference in Las Vegas this past June. I have planted many seeds and received much exposure, and I am currently being as patient as one can be to see which of the seeds planted will begin to sprout and flourish. 

Though the WOB logo is currently on my website as well as my email signature block and the WBENC seal is on my business cards and brochures, upon receiving my first large order I plan to add the WOB logo to my product packaging as well.” - Firouzeh Forouzmand, CEO & Founder of Firouzeh’s Foods

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Posted on August 23, 2017 .