Women Owned Wednesday - Cafe Los Santos


Company Name: SB Café Los Santos

Founded:  2015

WBENC Certified: 2016

HQ:  San Jose, Costa Rica

Website: www.coffeesantoscostarica.com

Slogan:  "Taste the experience of superior coffee" 

Retail: Amazon USA, Alibaba


About the Products

SB CAFÉ LOS SANTOS exports green or roast coffee in the required quantities with the logistics for it.

About the coffee:

  • Single origin from Tarrazú, Costa Rica
  • 100% Pure Arabica – the finest coffee in the world
  • Grown at 1700-1800 altitude allowing the berries to mature slowly and produce harder beans creating a concentration of rich flavors
  • The Special Reserve and the Gourmet Coffee SB LOS SANTOS is available in medium roast, revealing flavors such as dark chocolate, sugar cane, citrus, nutty etc.
  • Available in ground or whole bean in 9 oz, 12 oz, 1 LB packages
  • Ground coffee for use in coffee maker, French press, Italian stove, Aero, and chemex
  • Packaged with degassing valve to keep freshness and prevent the oxidation and tin tie in each bag
  • NO industrial sugar or chemical additives

Company Background

SB Café Los Santos, began their journey into the world of coffee with their first coffee shop in 2009 in San José, Costa Rica. In their pursuit of delivering the best coffee possible, they found themselves traveling to TARRAZÚ – an area in Los Santos known worldwide for its exquisite coffee. This area is located in the preferred region for cultivation of Arabica coffee due to climate and altitude.

After falling in love with the coffee in TARRAZÚ with its unique aromas and distinct flavors, owner Sindy Sevilla and her family relocated to the region. They now help keep up with the demands of coffee growers and provide support to women entrepreneurs in all aspects of the coffee industry of Costa Rica. Their coffee sustains and supports most of the locally grown coffee.



“Being an entrepreneur requires perseverance, an open mind, innovation and leadership. I go as far as my mind’s eye can see and I am limitless and full of potential, doing right for my business and most importantly for my family and community.”

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Posted on August 9, 2017 .