Women Owned Wednesday - Green Mustache


Company Name: Green Mustache

Founded:  2013

WBENC Certified: 2016

HQ:  Brooklyn, NY, USA

Website: www.getgreenmustache.com

Slogan: Greens for All, Big and Small!

Retail: Please visit our store locator.

About the Products

Green Mustache is a Brooklyn-based producer of organic green smoothies and snacks.  Each bottle of our organic, Non-GMO Project Verified smoothies contains two cups of kale and spinach as well as fruit, chia and coconut water.  We blend—rather than juice—our drinks to retain the fiber and nutrients found in the skin and leaves of our organic produce. Consumers like our products as a better-for-you version of their previous beverage choices, or because they prefer smoothies to juices for the fiber content, or simply because we offer a tasty, affordable and approachable way to incorporate greens into their day.

Recently, we launched a new line of crackers, Mustache Munchies, which are Goldfish-inspired baked crackers that are also organic, gluten-free, vegan and made with clean, healthy ingredients such as chickpea flour, kale and chia. Because we believe that healthy foods can be delicious and fun, our crackers are in a whimsical handlebar mustache shape...be warned, it'll be hard not to play with your food.

Company Background

The story of Green Mustache began as a story shared by millions of moms—it's the one about a child and her very particular eating habits—including her strong aversion to greens.  We soon realized this story stretched far beyond the narrative of the picky eater and simply became the story of every person trying to find convenient and tasty ways to be healthy.  

At Green Mustache, we’re channeling our passion for delicious and healthy foods into creating super-snacks that are super-tasty, approachable and fun for everyone. And in keeping with our origin story, nutrient-dense, leafy greens are the base of every awesome thing we make—Greens for all, big and small!


“As an immigrant to this country and a mother of two daughters, I’m incredibly proud to be a Women Owned business and recognize the good fortune I have to be able to follow my passions and create a business that strives to effect change by making healthy eating more accessible for everyone. My young daughters are already aspiring entrepreneurs and I want them to know that when the time comes for them to pursue their dreams, a strong network of women will be there to inspire and support them.”

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Posted on July 12, 2017 .