Women Owned Wednesday - Caribbean Products


Company Name: Caribbean Products, LTD

Founded:  1989

WBENC Certified: 2016

HQ:  Baltimore, MD, USA

Website: www.caribbeanproductsltd.com

Slogan: Trademarked Logo: “Global Delights”

Retail: Sold warm in convenience stores throughout the US and Canada, including 7-Eleven and Valero/Corner Store and sold frozen in individual retail packages in grocery stores including Target, Ahold Delhaize, Super Valu, ShopRite and Weis


About the Products

“Global Delights” Jamaican Style Turnovers, Patties, are hand-held turnovers consisting of savory, island-style-seasoned beef, spicy beef or chicken filling wrapped in a light, flaky, oven-baked crust. Product advantages include: delicious taste; impeccable quality; attractive appearance; easy to handle; no preparation; no utensils needed; just heat and eat. 

“Global Delights” are made in a state-of-the-art USDA inspected facility certified by NSF Food Safety as SQF Level 3.

Company Background

As a little girl, I rode my bike daily along the Caribbean Sea coast to the local grocery store to pick up Patties. I dreamed of growing up, making Patties in the States and sharing this local flavor with the rest of the world. Our family vacations ended, but my ambition persisted.

In 1989 I turned my dream into reality, incorporated Caribbean Products, LTD, trademarked “Global Delights”, perfected my Patty recipe and began making and selling “Global Delights” Patties in my home town, Baltimore, MD. Sales to local grocery and convenience stores were hugely successful and nearly three decades later I am proud to report strong sales to our original customers as well as throughout the USA and Canada.


In a short period of time, my WBENC experience has been inspiring and certification has opened new networking opportunities. Sandra Eberhard, Executive Director, WPEO DC, brought our Patties to the attention of Starbucks when we became certified. Upon Sandra’s introduction, Starbucks contacted us and we are now communicating.   I am thankful to my Ahold Delhaize buyer who recommended WBENC Certification. Twenty-eight years ago when I founded Caribbean Products, LTD and first sold “Global Delights” Jamaican Style Turnovers, Patties, to Giant Food, now owned by Ahold Delhaize, I did not know that being a female business ownerdistinguished my company. Today, I know that being Women Owned earns great respect from even the biggest name customers, like Walmart & Target.

I am looking forward to evolving with WBENC and incorporating the WBENC dynamic philosophy and education into many more decades of running my business successfully.

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Posted on July 5, 2017 .