Women of Distinction: ASAP Solutions Group

Editor’s Note: WBENC is proudly celebrating our 20th Anniversary year by launching the Legacy of Leaders, a structure established for recognition of Corporate Members and WBEs who have served in a significant leadership role throughout the WBENC network. One of two groups under the Legacy of Leaders umbrella is the Women of Distinction. This exclusive group of WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs) is comprised of 25 women leaders who have demonstrated a deep commitment to the organization and to breaking down barriers for women owned businesses in the corporate and government supply chains. The Women of Distinction program was established to create a strategic role for highly successful and dedicated WBEs as advisors to WBENC, supporting the growth and success of all WBEs. WBENC is honored to showcase the Women of Distinction as they celebrate 20 years of success.

Throughout the year we will be sharing personal stories from the Women of Distinction about their journeys with the WBENC network.

Leveraging WBENC Certification

My journey with WBENC over the past 15 years has been truly wonderful. I first learned of WBENC at a Working Women Awards Gala when I met Marsha Firestone. I still recall that meeting in Chicago, when Marsha asked me if I had ever heard of WBENC and I had not. She encouraged me to get certified as a women-owned business and as fate would have it, our largest client – BellSouth, was also asking for  WBENC Certification. The paperwork took me six months to fill out and we finally got the certification in July of 2002. At the time, WBENC had roughly 2000 certified WBEs and the Leadership Forum was in an incubator stage. I was asked by BellSouth to represent them on the Forum and after I attended my first meeting, I knew this was where I wanted to put my heart, soul, and energy.

I’ve always had a philosophy that you can stand on the sideline and look at the game being played OR you can be in the game and potentially win. I chose to be in the game of WBENC and it has definitely paid off for ASAP. WBENC has helped me personally grow from my leadership positions as the National Chair for the Women’s Leadership Forum to the National Board of Directors and a member of the Executive Team. 

Our brand today has a direct correlation to WBENC and we are known throughout the diversity community as a champion of all diverse businesses. As I’ve told many entrepreneurs, as you grow your company and your team, you must learn to work on the business and not in the business; thus, building your company’s brand, but most importantly your brand. 

In the end, as with anything in life, you get out of WBENC what you put into WBENC.  So, are you going to watch the game being played from the sidelines or are you going to be the quarterback that is key to the success of the WBENC team? Play the game to win and don’t ever forget to give back to organizations that have helped you become successful. It is every successful individual’s responsibility to reach back in and help others achieve their dreams.This is what WBENC is about – a sisterhood of helping each other achieve our magical dreams!

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Nancy Williams

ASAP Solutions Group

Nancy Williams is a Technology Industry Executive with years of progressive experience in business development and large-scale account management with organizations such as IBM, Unisys and Comforce. As the current CEO of ASAP Solutions Group, Nancy provides active hands-on leadership and direction to the company’s four business units of Staffing, Consulting, Workforce Compliance and Managed Services. Nancy and her team work hard to ensure ASAP’s continued and sustained growth by developing and implementing business strategies that are customer-centric and addressing our clients’ most common and complex contingent workforce challenges. She graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in Computer Systems.


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