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In June, the WBENC network will come together at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada for the National Conference & Business Fair, the largest conference of its kind for women business owners in the U.S. We will be looking back at memorable milestones and leaders from the past 20 years as well as looking to a future full of endless possibilities for us to advance the vision and mission of WBENC.

One of our National Conference & Business Fair WBE Co-Chair, Anjali “Ann” Ramakumaran, CEO, Ampcus Inc., shared how she has observed WBENC and the marketplace grow over the years in the April/May issue of the WBENC President’s Report. Below, she shares what we can do together to continue to lead the development of women business leaders across the nation.

Q: The technology industry continues to change at blisteringly fast speeds. How does Ampcus stay ahead of those changes to maintain a competitive edge?

A: Technology changes every day and these changes impact all of our businesses regardless of industry or even size. At Ampcus, we are blessed to have a great team. We’ve invested heavily in our people, processes, infrastructure and other tools. Ampcus’ Innovation Lab is utilized to test potential next generation concepts that may be the key to maintaining that competitive edge and helping to fuel our future. Our amazing leadership team and advisory board are actively engaged in determining what our business should look like over the next five to 10 years.

We believe in investing for our future and rely on our brain trust to pave a path that will continue to be relevant for years to come. Education is key, and you must always be willing to listen and learn. Understanding the marketplace, the next “big thing,” how technology can transform, drive savings or improve operational efficiencies can be the foundation of how any company can continue to stay relevant and maintain their competitive advantage.

Of course, WBENC and the RPOs have also played a key role in our relevance through their many educational programs and forums hosted by their corporate partners. The future is exciting and we look forward to the next phase of our journey, wherever it takes us.

Q: As you look to the future of Ampcus, what are your top priorities for growth and success?

A: Ampcus has aggressive growth plans outlined for the next five years and beyond. Our plans include a healthy blend of organic and acquisition strategies to facilitate deliberate and profitable growth. We will continue to service the public and private sectors while maintaining a balanced portfolio across multiple industry verticals.

As part of our growth strategy, we are looking to acquire companies that complement and expand our service areas. We will also continue to expand our presence nationally and internationally. Within the next five years we plan to continue our year-over-year growth patterns of 40 percent plus. We look forward to partnering with our fellow WBENC members as we reflect on the past and build a successful path to the future.

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Posted on May 2, 2017 .