2017 Host Committee Insights: Photomation

Networking can mean so many different things for so many people and it can certainly be effective when done right. I’m always looking forward to making new connections and reconnecting with those I haven’t seen in a bit. I can’t think of a better way to grow your network, get to know what other people do, and develop relationships. I’ve decided to put a few tips together below in what I like to call, Networking 101.

Networking 101

Prepping for networking is key. Find events you can most benefit from. What are the best events for your industry, market, or company’s mission? Find out who is attending. Most importantly mentally PREPare yourself. This includes practicing your elevator pitch. And yes, become more social! Get out of your day-to-day operations mode. 

Being seen on the scene is important! Sure, networking can be intimidating sometimes, but even just being seen at an event can score you points! Yes! Make it a point to attend a few events per quarter. Become recognizable. “Oh there’s Charlene with Photomation!” Some events can be too busy and you may not get time to chat with everyone individually. A quick hello will resolve this and people will always remember seeing you there.

There are Do’s and Don’ts to everything. Don’t focus on yourself. Ask questions and get to know your fellow business owners. Do follow up! Don’t let your great new connections go to waste. Remember what a great opportunity you have for meeting possible collaborators, partners, and sources of referral! Mingle. Help others and it will come back to you.

Networking with fellow WBEs throughout the years at various events and conferences has resulted in work opportunities and great partnerships for Photomation! We’ve partnered with EventMover, Stronghold Engineering, Décor Interior Design, and Pan Pacific just to name a few. And to think it all started through networking, getting to know one another, bonding within our WBEC-West chapter. 

So go ahead! Network and get to know your business community. Be social, be prepared, don’t forget to follow up and surely, you’ll find the reward in great new relationships.

Charlene Hesketh


Photomation brands environments and enhances the décor of corporations, hospitals, banks and sports venues. They turn ordinary walls into extraordinary walls using wall coverings and adding other elements, like custom logos, acrylic pieces or custom frames, completes the package.  All of their work is done in-house assuring you fast, accurate and affordable projects done on-time, every time.


Posted on May 18, 2017 .