Summit & Salute – Sustainability with Bocci

During the Summit & Salute we will be focusing on the future of several industries. When talking about the future many businesses take a moment to reflect on sustainability, a practice that continues to become more and more relevant as the world evolves. Each year at WBENC we make strides towards holding an event that more closely follows the precepts of sustainability by reducing our paper output and being more efficient in our energy consumption. This year’s Sustainability Sponsors, FedEx and Bocci Engineering, LLC both care deeply about incorporating more and more sustainable practices.

Bocci Engineering, LLC shares this:

Great minds from Moses to Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi to Emmerson, authors, teachers, community and world leaders throughout history have commented on sustainability and our place in the environment.  We know the world’s resources are not infinite, but we all want a better life for ourselves, our children and those that share this planet.  Yet, even the greatest minds have difficulty charting our course to sustainability.

To start the discussion: Which renewable do you think will be a major source (>50%) of all energy consumed in the US within the next 50 to 100 years?
Posted on March 14, 2017 .