Women Owned Special – Travelling to Summit & Salute


Summit & Salute is a time for meetings, networking, gaining insights from sessions and keynotes, and celebrating the progress of women’s business development. Traveling to Summit & Salute should be organized and stress-free so you can start the event off as your best self. Use these Women Owned products to organize, plan, and feel great upon arrival.

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Stay Organized

Have a compartment for everything including you shoes with the minkeeBlue Nichelle Tote. Travel in style with a tote that has a compartment for your business cards, schedule, laptops, snacks, phone, shoes and even a lunch box. The Nichelle Tote also has a through pocket for luggage and a cross strap.

Plan Ahead

Before you arrive at Summit & Salute, you want to have your documents and schedule planned in one place. Open up your WBENC mobile app to see the latest schedule at a glance and start planning! Travel with multiple Debbie Lynn pens to take notes in high quality ink with a durable point and write in comfort.

Keep your schedule and all your notes handy in a Smead Pro Series Pad Folio. With an expandable folder, you’ll always know where everything is. Make sure your pens and pad folio are with you throughout the event so you are always prepared for an impromptu meeting.

Feel Your Best

Stay energized with Katy’s Goodness My Ohmega Country Fruit bars with 2 grams of protein and fiber. The grab and go wrappers travel easily and can be thrown into any bag for a healthy snack.

Always travel with a tube of William Rome Lotion. They even have a full travel set. Traveling can make your skin dry, especially your hands; stay hydrated with this lotion. Handshakes are the beginning and end of business meetings, so you want to put your best hand forward.

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Posted on March 10, 2017 and filed under Women Owned.