Meet the New Forum Team Representatives!

The Women’s Enterprise Forum just welcomed a new group of Forum Team Representatives. Each week we’ll introduce a group of them to you and share their insights about the WBENC Network.

Any WBENC-Certified WBEs can join the Women’s Enterprise Forum during their in-person meetings on March 21st at the Summit & Salute and on June 19 at the National Conference & Business Fair.

Betta Beasley

2rbConsulting, Inc.

RPO: Astra

“It is important to be an active member of the WBENC community.  We meet WBE’s who obtain the WBENC certification and then go stagnant.  The real work begins once you have the certification.  You must SHOW UP and do the work.  It is important to be present, engaged and passionate about diversity and inclusion.  When you do that, amazing things happen.  Lifelong friends are created within the WBENC community and the Corporate Supplier Community.”

Rose Ann DaRe

Hydro Dyne Inc.


“Involvement takes effort!  The result of that effort is incredibly rewarding on so many levels!  There are many ways to become involved and many woman standing by to support you in your journey!  Reach out; it’s an amazing opportunity to gain professional as well as personal insight for yourself as well as your business!”

Alice Gordon

Skye Connect Inc.


WBENC has what I call a super friends network of powerful, interconnected, high achieving women who are power players. The benefits I received has been one of support, partnerships, corporate connections and a national organization that is prominent in the business community. I feel it is a type of safety net in which to build real partnerships and contracts on. Show up, stay engaged, ask questions and get certified. Half the battle of success in business is simply being there.”

Anjali Ann Ramakumaran

Ampcus Inc


“At Ampcus, we firmly believe in not only “talking the talk” but also “walking the walk”.    WBE’s help to develop innovative solutions, generate diverse ideas and fuel economic growth within our communities.  We make every effort to utilize WBE’s for the products/services we procure for internal use by Ampcus.  In addition, we also partner with fellow WBE’s who complement our service offering in delivering high quality solutions to our Commercial and Federal clients.  By leveraging each other’s strengths we can all succeed together.  It is simply good business.”

Michelle D’Souza

Unified Business Technologies, Inc.


“The benefits of being part of the WBENC network have included networking with fellow WBEs, interacting with buyers, and being closer to the WBE community. It has also allowed us to provide business opportunities to fellow WBEs that we only became aware of through being part of WBENC. Some guiding words for a new inductee would be to be persistent, and get active with the WBENC community and events. It’s important to understand what your fellow WBEs do, and letting them know what you do, and leverage that information for mutual benefit.”

Posted on February 9, 2017 .