Meet the New Forum Team Representatives!

The Women’s Enterprise Forum just welcomed a new group of Forum Team Representatives. Each week we’ll introduce a group of them to you and share their insights about the WBENC Network.

Any WBENC-Certified WBEs can join the Women’s Enterprise Forum during their in-person meetings on March 21st at the Summit & Salute and on June 19 at the National Conference & Business Fair.

Sushumna Roy Jalajam

Softpath System, LLC


“At Softpath, we are constantly looking for small to mid-size WBE firms with which to partner; and have partnered with several WBEs as subcontractors with great results and benefits.  From our past experience we have learned that there is tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion through partnerships.  One of the most attractive benefits is the opportunity to offer supplemental services to clients that otherwise would not be available.  It becomes vital to the success of WBEs to focus on each company's core competencies and not try to be a jack of all trades. There is strength in unity and partnering with WBEs has allowed us exchange our weakness for the strengths of another.”

Cindy Wollman

Align Sustain


“The network of WBEs is unbelievable.  Each year my WBE network helps to introduce me to the procurement officers I want to meet and helps me understand what organizations are looking for my service.  I also love seeing what other businesses women are starting and growing, knowing this helps me make referrals to corporate members as well.”

Kimberly Meek

Hacha Products Corporation

RPO: WBDC- Chicago

“Some years ago a book came out entitled “Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance” that spoke to the natural progression of driven people.  For many, the first half of a life/career is focused on building success, and the second half on having a positive impact on those around us.  For me, WBENC has been the perfect platform for just that.  It’s not about the business models per se; rather, it’s all about leveraging our collective time, talent and treasure to achieve what we were put here to do!”

Kathleen Hunt

Personalized Payroll


“There are many benefits associated with being an active participant in WBENC. The opportunity to work with other WBEs has been awesome! I love learning about the variety of businesses owned by women and appreciate the opportunity to call upon other owners when I need advice. Getting involved is key! Attend activities at both the local level and national level.  Summit and Salute and the national conference provide an excellent opportunity to meet a large variety of women business owners and corporations that can help your business grow.”

Claudia Mirza



“I would tell a newly certified WBE to really get to know the other WBEs that are part of the network. I would encourage them to invest the time in developing meaningful relationships, because that’s what ultimately leads to business opportunities and strategic partnerships. I would also tell them to use their skills and talents to give back, get actively involved in the organization and help other WBEs. The opportunities are limitless.”

Posted on February 7, 2017 .