Women owned Wednesday - Happy Tummi


Company Name: Household Name Products Inc.
Founded: 2004
WBENC Certified: 2015
HQ: Carlsbad, CA, USA
Website: http://www.Happitummi.com
Slogan: Happy Baby, Happy Mommy
Retail: Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Associated Foods, and specialty baby product stores in the US, Canada and overseas.

Happi Tummi immediately soothes a crying, fussy or colicky baby. It contains a blend of herbs that are warmed and wrapped against the baby’s tummy. Happi Tummi was the invention of desperation. Nanette’s first child was born colicky and cried inconsolably. The doctors and pharmacy had no natural remedy for colic which can last for months.

Nanette set out to find a remedy, trying something new every night. One very late night applying a formula that Happi Tummi uses today, Nanette’s daughter suddenly stopped crying, smiled and fell asleep into a deep slumber for 6 hours. First time she had slept for more than 20 minutes or 1 hour.

Nanette later told her pediatrician. He scoffed, “A coincidence.” Providence would have a say when several months later that same doctor called. His grandson was colicky and his recommendations failed. Nanette delivered her recipe and within an hour he called. “You need to market this.”  


A happy Baby brings joy, a crying baby, alarm. If you were given an opportunity to impact the lives of many babies, to restore happiness to an otherwise fussy, colicky, crying, inconsolable baby, would you be inspired? Nanette Meneses, the founder, never heard of colic when she sought to become a loving, full time mom.

24 hours after birth, Nanette’s baby was crying continuously and inconsolable. She had colic. Doctors have no explanation or remedy. They advise to endure the months it can last. Nanette would endeavor to relieve her baby of the effects of colic and the result would become the birth of Happi Tummi. Later, encouraged by moms and her pediatrician, a company was created to share the remarkable solution.

Quote on being a Women Owned business:

“Women share the same goals, aspirations and challenges in business. I love that I can build dynamic relationships with such women and it has allowed me to mentor and be mentored as I continue to grow and expand my product and service offerings. WOB and WBENC have been wonderful for me.” 

– Nanette Meneses


Posted on February 15, 2017 .