Meet the New Forum Team Representatives!

The Women’s Enterprise Forum just welcomed a new group of Forum Team Representatives. Each week we’ll introduce a group of them to you and share their insights about the WBENC Network.

Any WBENC-Certified WBEs can join the Women’s Enterprise Forum during their in-person meetings on March 21st at the Summit & Salute and on June 19 at the National Conference & Business Fair.

Biddie Webb

Limb Design


“In our 13+ years of being certified, the vast majority of my relationships today are a direct result of my certification and involvement with WBENC.  After a short time, I learned that this is really a small world and getting to know so many people in this very large and fabulous organization has enriched our company as well as my personal friendships.  Our firm has worked with so many fellow WBEs as well as had the opportunity to meet and work with Corporate Members. We would not have had the chance to meet these individuals if it were not for our WBENC certification.”

Laurette Rondenet-Smith

Edlong Dairy Technologies

RPO: WBDC- Chicago

“Focus is key in navigating the WBENC community.  It can be overwhelming for a WBE to meet so many corporations.  Identify your top ten list and develop those relationships authentically.  Follow up in a meaningful way and keep the conversation going with your new network.  Resilience is imperative, coupled with patience.  If you truly believe you can bring value, strive to prove it!”

Lili Hall

KNOCK, inc.

RPO: WBDC-Chicago

“When you attend a WBENC event, it’s tempting to spend your downtime on your device, while you’re waiting in line or waiting to meet with someone. But I’ve found the greatest benefits come from putting my phone away and simply talking to the people around me. You never know who is standing right next to you: it might be another WBE who needs your help, or who might be a key partner in a future endeavor, or they might already have a contact or relationship at an organization that you’re trying to get into. The real-time, face-to-face opportunities have been my favorite.”

Dydra H. Virgil

V&L Research


“Many of the benefits of being a part of the WBENC network go well beyond the organization.  Through WBENC, I’ve made business alliances and friendships from the east to the west coast. WBEs who look to WBENC only as a means to big corporate contracts may miss the wealth of experience and talent among fellow women business owners.  WBENC has such a wealth of skilled professionals (doctors, lawyers, marketers, human resources and IT professions) perhaps sitting next to you at a conference lunch table.  While there may be a couple of hundred corporations at our meetings, there are usually thousands of WBEs who can be your partners, clients and friends.  My advice is don’t miss the forest, for the trees.”

Posted on February 14, 2017 .