Get to Know the WBENC Staff: Candace Waterman

Ever wonder about who is behind the scenes executing MatchMakers, planning for events, or assisting you with WBENCLink2.0? Learn more about the WBENC Staff in this column.

Candace Waterman, Vice President,
Certification and Program Operations


Q: What did you do before you started at WBENC?

A: In my over 30 years in the workforce, I have owned two successful companies and was in the medical field for 19 years in many roles including the former COO for the ambulatory services division of a hospital system in Michigan. I also worked at Great Lakes Women’s Business Council, immediately before coming to the national office of WBENC.


Q: What keeps you busy at WBENC?

A: I manage many projects at WBENC and the one that keeps me the busiest is maintaining our world-class certification program for both WBEs and WOSBs. It is a very exciting time for certified firms and ensuring we have a robust certification program is critical for both the corporate/government members as well as the WBEs/WOSBs. Additionally, many of the WBENC programs fall under my auspices and I am excited about the new Tuck-WBENC Strategic Growth Program that launched this October, as well as the Women of Color program launching in 2018. 


Q: What is your favorite part of working at WBENC?

A: I really feel that I have hit the trifecta at WBENC. I love what I do which impacts the way business is done with women across the country; why I do it is to fulfill our mission which is critical in providing true economic impact; and I am in awe of those I get to work with every day including the fearless and innovative and solution driven WBEs, the corporate and government agencies who are truly committed to leveling the playing field for women in business, and the amazing WBENC and RPO teams who work tirelessly on behalf of our mission and bring value to our constituents daily. I am blessed!

Q; Who inspires you?

A: My late great grandmother played a huge role in my life and she taught me many amazing lessons. Though she is not with me today, the way she lived her life, treated people and her work ethic still inspires me to be the best Candace I can be!

Q: What do you do for fun outside of work?

A: I am a true foodie and a scuba diver; whenever I have the opportunity you will find me sampling new restaurants and cooking amazing meals or in the water! I am also a lover of life and believe in living it to the fullest; so I inspire people, particularly single people, to live their best life now, through my personal social media outlets and monthly articles.

Q. Where is your favorite place in the world?

A. My favorite place in the world is anywhere near the blue water, soft sand, sunshine and good food!

Posted on December 8, 2017 and filed under WBENC Staff.