Message from the President

Pamela Prince-Eason

Pamela Prince-Eason

October 5, 2017

When we first launched the WBENC Blog, we knew we had an active audience. Our WBEs and Corporate Members were looking for timely, engaging content they could access on the go – while drinking their morning coffee, during their commute or lunch, or maybe even scrolling through in bed before falling asleep (we all do it!)

Our network includes thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs, industry and thought leaders, diversity champions, and business experts, and that has made telling your stories so meaningful and fun over the years. Our hope is that the reach of the WBENC Blog continues to expand beyond our network so everyone can see the amazing things you all do.

For many years we have also published a magazine-style President’s Report with articles, features and images from recent events, as well as a message from yours truly. We know many of you have enjoyed paging through those reports (especially for the photos!) and we so appreciate your readership and engagement.

Moving forward, we’ve decided to sunset the President’s Report in its existing form and move toward more dynamic, short and timely communications, primarily using the WBENC Blog, email and social media. This is in part a response to your feedback on the quantity, frequency and types of communication you’d like to receive from WBENC, and in part, a strategic effort on our part to streamline our efforts and ensure we’re being efficient and effective with our resources.

Instead of publishing the President’s Report, I’ll be posting here on the WBENC Blog with a monthly update with what’s going on behind the scenes at WBENC and throughout the WBENC network, what I’m working on and reading about, what’s been on my mind lately, and more.  

I look forward to sharing the WBENC journey with you and welcome your feedback and questions in the comments below. 

Best Regards,
Pamela Prince-Eason
WBENC President and CEO


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