Future Friday: MGM Resorts International


Note from the editor: This year as part of our 20th Anniversary, we are not only looking back at the past, but also setting our sights on the future. This column, Future Fridays, features guest blog posts from WBENC’s America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises as they share insights on the future of doing business with them and their industry.

Stacey Taylor from MGM Resorts International on Interactive Technology, WBEs and the Next “Big Idea”

In recent years, the integrated resort and entertainment industry has experienced tremendous growth in interactive technology.

As Chief Procurement Officer for MGM Resorts International, I believe we have seen only the tip of the iceberg. With one touch of a button, the guest rooms at our Aria Resort comes to life. We are continually looking for innovative products and solutions that help us fulfill the needs of our guests by making the customer experience more memorable.

In December 2016, LEVEL UP debuted at MGM Grand, one of MGM Resorts International’s premier resort destinations. The concept – using cutting edge technology to engage customers and guests -- illustrates what the future has in store for the hospitality and entertainment industry. LEVEL UP is a high-energy gaming lounge with indoor laser golf, ping pong, pool, Giant Pac-Man and more that provides a fully customizable, immersive, multi-sensory guest experience. Its debut marked the beginning of a new era in interactive, skill-based fun that includes virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, voice control systems and more.



We understand that most of the new technology in cutting-edge areas comes from small, innovative start-up companies. MGM Resorts is primed to be on the forefront of engaging technology, to add a new level of convenience and fun to our guests during their stay. Certified WBEs can help us deliver the next “big idea” by providing technologies that enhance, streamline or improve our guests’ experiences. As a large organization, we look forward to developing relationships with WBEs to explore their innovations and to work with us on proof of concepts.


MGM Resorts has a 17-year sustained commitment with certified WBEs which accounts for 43 percent of our diversity spend and 3 percent of our total biddable purchases. Our Supplier Diversity team, a branch of our Global Procurement Department, is always seeking small niche companies and rely on our great partner, WBENC, to identify suppliers. Our program enacts industry best practices and has been acknowledged as a leader in diversity by well-regarded organizations including Diversity Inc., Black Enterprise, WBENC and USHCC. Our policies also earned mention on FORTUNE Magazine’s “50 Best Companies for Minorities” index.

We encourage WBEs who have innovative concepts within this space of interactive technology to email us at supplierdiversity@mgmresorts.com with an overview of their concept. We want to meet with you, explore possibilities and identify yet another untapped area where WBEs can make an impact and shine. 

Posted on October 13, 2017 and filed under Future Friday.