Women Owned Wednesday – Dipsa (WEConnect)


Company Name: Dipsa Food

Founded: 2005

WEConnect International Certified: 2015

HQ: Bogota, Colombia

Website: http://dipsasnacks.com/

Slogan: Healthy Products for a Healthy Lifestyle: Eat Healthier, Live Better


Dipsa sells their variety of snack foods through different channels such as hotels, airlines, vitamin shops, club stores, large retail chains, drug stores, department stores, health stores, spas, gyms, wholesalers, corporate offices and cafeterias, private labels, food service, schools and international governmental institutions. They also partner with corporations to support sporting events.

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Company Background:

Dipsa’s mission is to be a positive force for change in communities around the world by providing high quality, natural, and tasty snacks to consumers seeking healthy and innovative options for their families. The company was founded in 2005 in Colombia by a woman food engineer who believes in the force of entrepreneurship and nutrition, and has since expanded to different markets in Mexico, Peru, Panama, Spain, and the U.S.

Dipsa is a WEConnect International Certified WBE and active within the WBENC network.  Other certifications Dipsa has received include good manufacturing practices (GMP), UL SOCIAL AUDIT, and U.S FDA. Dipsa has a strong corporate social responsibility culture and supports various programs for feeding low income children, single moms and farmers.

About the Products:

Dipsa offers more than 300 products, however, in the international market the biggest sellers are the lines of exotic bars, exotic clusters and special nuts. Dipsa differentiates its products by making them with ingredients such as chia, quinoa, acai, maca, macadamia, and a mixture of tropical fruits such us goldenberry, yellow dragon, mango. 

Dipsa promotes the development of innovative products by creating functional snacks that provide the consumer specific benefits for their health such as brain activity, immune system, detox, and digestive. Dipsa snacks are created for today’s discerning consumers who are health conscious and aware of how healthy foods (gluten free, Non- GMO, high omegas, low sugar) can play a role in their wellbeing. Through our products, Dipsa wants to promote wellness, love, and happiness.

Quote from CEO Luz Marina Rojas Pacheco on being a Women Owned business: 

“I started my dream of providing healthy nutrition options when I was 24. Now, being a mother and woman business owner, I’ve learned that women are the best architects of humanity, so I enjoy every day of my life sharing my intense passion for making a positive footprint on society.

To achieve my goals and fulfill my passions, I only need my faith in God, love, and a never-give-up attitude.”


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Posted on January 11, 2017 .